Tell Us Your Story

Are you a student who is struggling financially? Have you not found suitable housing for this academic year? Is the cost of public transport too high? We want to hear from you!

A big part of our work to improve the lives of students relies on raising awareness of the dire situation students are in. By telling us about the hardships you face as a student, you can help us make real student stories national news, forcing politicians to pay attention to them.

Collectively, we have the power to make a real change and put the student issues at the top of the agenda.

Help us win for students by telling us your story!


P.S. If you are happy to talk about your situation with a journalist, you will need to tick the box to allow NUS Scotland to send you email updates.

Tell us a little bit about your situation

Please feel free to go into as much detail as you find comfortable! Are you facing rent increases or struggling to find somewhere to live? How much is your rent increase? How long have you been looking?

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