There will be a General Election by January 2025

We want to make sure students' voices are heard by politicians and that as many students and young people as possible vote in the election.

On this page you can find out more about the Manifesto for our Future and Turn Up campaigns.



The Manifesto for our Future

The views of more than 10,000 students and apprentices across the UK are contained in the Manifesto for our Future.

Our Manifesto presents a bold, radical vision for change that tackles the issues that affect students' lives at the root.

Here are 3 things you can do to support students' priorities at the election:

1. Read the Manifesto for our Future

2. Sign the Petition to support the Manifesto

3. Send the Manifesto to your MP



Turn Up - Student Voter Registration Campaign

Students make up 10% of the voting population, but our voice will only be heard if we Turn Up at elections.

That's why NUS UK has teamed up with British Youth Council, Generation Rent and Democracy Classroom to launch Turn Up, the UK’s biggest youth and student voter registration campaign ever.

Here are 3 things you can do to make sure you're ready to Turn Up at the election:

1. Register to Vote

2. Get your FREE Voter ID (usually £18) using code 'NUS'

3. Sign our petition to make it easier for young people to vote