NUS Scotland is your national union representing university and college students across Scotland. 

Together we achieve national change for students.

As one of the world’s largest student movements, we’re fighting to make education free and lifelong. We believe that education should be accessible and enjoyable for all – and our community of students, educators, activists and advocates are determined to make it happen.

NUS Centenary montage of images

NUS has been behind every big win for students, and at the forefront of change on issues affecting people across society – from championing LGBTQ+ rights, pushing to decolonise education and standing up against powerful corporate interests.

As well as fighting, we’re here to protect. Students are often the least heard voices and without our movement, their needs would be ignored. When COVID-19 hit, we came together to demand protections for student renters, push for better internet access and stand up for those experiencing hardship – saving students across the UK a staggering £1 billion.

Together we’ve been a force for radical change since 1922, and our movement is still going strong. We won’t rest until our education system is open to all, champions diversity, and allows every student to thrive.