What change do you want to see in Scotland?

In June, NUS Scotland will be publishing a student-led roadmap to a better education system - one that works for students, not profit, and one that is designed by students from the ground up.

Share any of your ideas, big or small, with us, by writing what you would like to see from Scotland's education system.

This includes the funding model, student finance, housing, transport and mental health - but also any other ideas and suggestions you have.

Apart from the in-person and online workshops we will be hosting, this is your quick opportunity to shape Scotland's education system for many years to come and be part of a collective for change.

Let's build a new system and a better future, together.

What do you want the education system to look like?

Think about the education system particularly with a focus on student housing, transport, mental health support, funding models and student finances. Let us know what you think works well, or what you would like to change - no idea is too big or too small!

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