NUS Scotland response to Scottish Greens Manifesto

Responding to the manifesto released by the Scottish Greens today, an NUS Scotland spokesperson said: 

“We welcome this positive, progressive manifesto from the Scottish Green Party. This is a manifesto which all students will benefit from, with universal basic income and a real living wage for all ensuring that students and apprentices are supported to thrive, not just survive. An end to the cruel hostile environment, “no recourse to public funds” and the NHS surcharge will ensure international students can flourish while living and studying in Scotland, and the introduction of a bespoke visa scheme for Palestinian students and academics is particularly welcome.

"The manifesto does fail however to commit to rejoining Erasmus+, regardless of EU membership, and while this manifesto is otherwise strongly aligned with the priorities of Scotland’s students, no party can take our votes for granted. The Scottish Green Party has a lot more work to do to regain the trust of the student movement following their votes for devastating cuts to further education and their relative silence on key education issues during their time as part of the Scottish Government. We look forward to working with the Greens to ensure they stick to the principles behind this manifesto at all levels of government” 

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