Roadmap to a New Education System

Roadmap to a New Education System

NUS Scotland's 'Roadmap' sets out a bold vision for a better system, and better future for Scotland and its students.  

Download the full report here (PDF)

Download the plain text version here (Word)

The publication of this report continues a series that begun with Broke Students, Broken System report which was released in February and found Scotland’s education system to be chronically underfunded, overly marketised, and focused on profit at the expense of students, who are in many cases struggling just to get by.

Coinciding with end of Ellie Gomersall’s two-year term as NUS Scotland President the publication of this reports marks the culmination of her work in the role representing and fighting for students. Commenting, she said: 

“As our first report this year demonstrated, students in Scotland have long been struggling in an education system which is underfunded, undervalued and in desperate need of a different approach. Now this follow-up demonstrates that this is not inevitable but with vision and commitment to realise it we can see an education system designed by students, for students. 

A good education system can provide immeasurable benefit to society, economically yes but in ways so much more than that. It has the power to enrich the lives and fabric of our communities.  

During my time at NUS we have strived to be not just a critical voice but a constructive one, rightly calling out politicians and government when they have let students down but also standing ready to work with them for the mutual benefit of Scotland and its students. 

This new report should be seen as an invitation. The student movement is setting out a roadmap to a better education system but also a better, fairer Scotland and we’re calling on politicians to follow it.”

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