Online Student Housing Forum

Thursday, November 09, 2023 at 02:00 PM
Online Student Housing Forum



Students across Scotland are at the sharp end of the housing crisis.

Soaring rents, lack of availability and inadequate quality are impacting students' ability to study. Join our online forum to hear from housing experts about why the system isn't working, and why the Scottish Government's upcoming Housing Bill must be the moment for change. You will also have the opportunity to shape NUS Scotland's upcoming work by sharing your direct experience and your ideas in interactive workshop sessions.




Housing Panel: 

Why is student housing in crisis and why must the Housing Bill work for students?

14:25 Q&A with Panel Speakers
14:45 Comfort Break

Workshop 1: 

Sharing your experiences in student housing, what are the key issues?


Workshop 2:

What are the solutions to the student housing crisis?

What do we want future student housing to look like?

15:55 Final thoughts, thank yous and goodbyes


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