NUS Scotland slam government over suspension of student rent cap

The Scottish Government has announced the suspension of the rent cap for student residential tenancies. The suspension will take place on 30th March 2023, but will only apply to the student accommodation sector. Students renting in the private sector will not be affected.   

Previous research by NUS Scotland found that the average student rent in 2021 was £6,853 per year, accounting for 84% of the maximum financial support that Scottish university students can receive.

NUS Scotland President, Ellie Gomersall, commented:

“The Scottish Government’s wrongheaded decision to suspend the cap on student rents shows a fundamental lack of awareness about the pressures students are facing. It singles out students whilst other private renters go unaffected.

“Without a corresponding rise in student support, this will negatively affect students’ studies; forcing them to work extra hours despite many already studying full time, as well as negatively affecting their mental health.

“The Scottish Government must increase student financial support and freeze student rents until a long-term and sustainable system of rent controls is created. We need a student housing strategy that ensures every student has access to a quality, safe and affordable home.

“The government needs to reverse their decision. In the meantime, no accommodation providers, and no universities in particular, should be considering increasing already unaffordable rents.”

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