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In April 2022, a historic policy was passed at NUS Scotland Conference calling for an independent NUS Scotland. That proposal established the democratic will of students in Scotland via their delegates to actively explore what independence for NUS Scotland could look like.

That process has now formally begun! 

NUS Scotland is entering an exploration and consultation phase with its members about the future of Scotland’s student movement. A broad range of views exist within NUS Scotland’s membership about how the organisation should be structured, financed and organised. Our main objective is to strengthen the student movement by the end of the process rather than weaken it – we want it to be sustainable, united and impactful, a movement that continues to stand up and win for Scotland’s students. That’s why a temporary sub-committee of the NUS UK Board is being set up to steer us through this process over a period of two years (minimum).

The Future of NUS Scotland Working Group will explore options and organising models for NUS Scotland and its future relationship with NUS UK. NUS Scotland and NUS UK have been legally and financially intertwined for over 50 years – hence due diligence and due process and a full exploration of the financial, legal and political implications and risks are now essential. 

The Working Group will be made up of four NUS UK board members, including the NUS Scotland President, four elected positions representing NUS Scotland’s membership and four external positions bringing forward a range of expertise. 

Do you want to be part of this exciting opportunity to make history and shape the future of Scotland’s student movement? Then we want to hear from you! Click on the links below to access the recruitment packs.

Elected positions – nominations are OPEN 

Nominations are now open for the following elected members of the committee representing members of NUS Scotland!

• 2 students or sabbatical officers 
• 2 staff members 

Please note that there will be equal representation between FE and HE within the election. 

Nominations open now and have been extended by the Returning Officer. Nominations close 21 October 12 noon

Download the Recruitment Pack here.

External positions – applications are OPEN 

We’re seeking to appoint four people with a range of expertise including legal, financial, change management, third sector and beyond. A background in the student movement is not essential.  

Download the Recruitment Pack here.

Deadline for applications 28 October

Good luck in the election and application process and we look forward to working with you in the months ahead!

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