Candidates for NUS Scotland President Announced

The Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) is pleased to announce the candidates for the position of NUS Scotland President.

Voting will open online on Monday 11 March at 12pm and close on Thursday 14 March at 12pm.

Voting is open to NUS reps registered to attend NUS Scotland Conference 2024.

The winning candidate is due to be announced on Friday 15 March.

NUS Scotland Conference takes place on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 March 2024.

The candidates are:

Page updated 11/03/24 11:00: The candidate Skye Marriner has withdrawn from this election


Sai Shraddha Suresh Viswanathan
Aberdeen University Students' Association

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Adamatie Ovoke Adams, Students' Association of the University of the West of Scotland 
  • Alma Kalina Rießler, Edinburgh University Students' Association 
  • Justyna Kardasz, University of Strathclyde Students' Association 
  • Skye Marriner, Edinburgh College Students' Association 
  • Ciara MCarthy, City of Glasgow College Students' Association 
  • Patricia Innocent, Robert Gordon University Students' Union 
  • Zoë Crosher, University of Stirling Students' Union

picture of Sai Shraddha Suresh Viswanathan

Our Education is a fundamental right and being a student is becoming harder and harder. We come from different walks of life expecting to seek the best of experiences along with our degrees and courses. With the current political climate, cost of living crisis, inflation and cuts being implemented by the government, surviving as a student is nearly impossible, let alone planning life ahead Our students are often left as an afterthought to deal with the aftermath of such cuts that severely impact mental and physical wellbeing. Together, we need to work towards building a Scotland that truly represents our students. 

Read Sai Shraddha's manifesto here

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Eliot Wooding-Sherwin
University of Stirling Students' Union

Nominated by the following students / sabbatical officers at member unions:

  • Leen Ali, University of Stirling Students' Union 
  • Skye Marriner, Edinburgh College Students' Association 
  • Will Tillotson, Edinburgh University Students' Association 
  • Cameron Fields, Heriot-Watt University Student Union 
  • Maura McCann, University of Abertay Dundee Students' Association 
  • Kyle Downie, Students' Association of the University of the West of Scotland 
  • Lee Martin, City of Glasgow College Students' Association 

Picture of Eliot Wooding-Sherwin

As students, we have a strong drive to make change. Our movement has an incredible history of starting successful campaigns, fighting injustices, and bringing communities together. 

As your NUS Scotland President, I will support strong, local campaigning communities who can put national pressure on our government and institutions to make radical change for an education system that is ours and prioritises us. 

More support must be given to new activists to carry the flame. The student movement has made me who I am, and I’m ready to give back to it. 

Vote Eliot Wooding-Sherwin to Rebuild the Scottish Student Movement 

Read Eliot's manifesto here

Social Media

Instagram: @notmyorchard
Twitter: @EliotWooding


Re-open Nominations

If you wish to cast a vote, but do not want to vote for any of the other remaining candidates for this position, then you can express your desire to reopen the nominations process. If any position is not filled by a candidate, but instead Reopen nominations is declared the winner, there will be a fresh opportunity for candidates to be nominated and the election for the position in question to be re-run.

Campaigning for RON must be accountable and RON campaigns are governed by these election rules. Only registered RON campaigners may run a RON campaign. In order to register to run a Re-Open Nominations (RON) campaign, you must do this by emailing [email protected] no later than 24 hours before polls open.