The Royal Bank of Scotland has released a report that has revealed Edinburgh and Glasgow as the two most expensive cities in the UK to be a student.

NUS Scotland calls on the Scottish Government to “follow through” on their commitment to increased student support after the Royal Bank of Scotland releases report that shows Scottish cities are less affordable for students than London. 

In a survey of over 3000 students, the Royal Bank of Scotland found that Edinburgh and Glasgow had the highest cost-of-living for students of any city in the UK, outstripping even London. 

Just last month, the Scottish Government released their summer support for students review that restated their commitment to raising student support in line with the Real Living Wage.  

Since the report, NUS Scotland has urged the Scottish Government to speed up this process, saying that it will help students who are currently experiencing poverty and homelessness. 

Commenting, NUS Scotland President, Ellie Gomersall, said: 

“The report reinforces the bleak reality that many students in Scotland are at a financial breaking point. RBS’s data corroborates our own research which showed that students are skipping meals, not seeing friends, and 11% are using food banks to survive. 

“For several years now, the cost of living – particularly student rent – has significantly increased while student support payments have simply not caught up. 

“The Scottish Government needs to act urgently and bring forward their commitment to increase financial support for all students in line with the Real Living Wage, along with a comprehensive system of rent controls covering all student housing so that students never again need to skip meals just to keep a roof over their heads.”

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