Support for Student Sex Workers

What is the issue conference is looking at? 

Support for Student Sex Workers


Which Students’ Unions have been involved in proposing? 

University of Stirling Students' Union 


What’s the issue and how does it affect students? 

That the rapidly changing nature of commercial sex work within the expanding mobility of our population, both spatially and technologically, has changed how the industry and sex workers operate. A change that the law nor the government has kept up with and has become antiquated. With the cost-of-living crisis, more students are looking to become sex workers as a means of supplementing their student loans. Therefore, it must be a key priority for NUS Scotland to support student sex workers, by preventing student sex workers from eviction and discrimination. 


What changes would we like to see in society to change this? 

If this motions passes, NUS Scotland would actively campaign in support of student sex workers and would provide their support behind campaigns ran by sex worker support organisations. This campaign would seek to ensure the Eviction Ban is extended to those doing sex work and that no students receive discrimination or consequences of any kind due to choosing to do sex work.  

It would also ensure that Student Unions across Scotland would take part in campaigning in support of sex workers, undertaking work to educate and destigmatise sex work in their Student Union communities. 


Impact Assessment 

How does it impact FE students / Apprentices?   

FE Students and Apprentices are also experiencing the effects of the cost-of-living crisis and therefore are similarly affected to all students when it comes to sex work and sex workers’ rights. 


How does it impact on International Students, Postgraduate Students, Part Time and Mature Students? 

International Students, Postgraduate Students, Part-Time and Mature Students are also experiencing the effects of the cost-of-living crisis and therefore are similarly affected to all students when it comes to sex work and sex workers' rights. 


How does it impact on black, disabled, LGBT+, trans and women students? 

Liberation groups are significantly impacted and are disproportionately affected by precarious employment and many sex workers in Scotland are part of marginalised communities already. Therefore, while this motion seeks to support student sex workers’ rights, it would have a distinctly positive impact on marginalised communities across the country. 


Does this apply across the UK or specifically in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? 

Sex workers’ rights is a challenge that affects students across the country, this would focus solely on sex workers’ rights in Scotland. This is due to the ongoing consultation, policy development on regulating sex work in Scotland, as well as the Eviction Ban only being in place in Scotland.  

The changes suggested by this motion are within the powers of the Scottish Parliament. It should be noted, however, that laws relating to equalities and employment are reserved to the UK Government. 


Amendment 1 - PASSED

NUS Scotland supports decriminalisation of sex work to allow sex workers the right to legally organise, to be able co-habitiate and work alongside other sex workers, and continue to tackle the stigma by campaigning against abolitionism. Provision of legal representation and advice to prevent exploitation.


Amendment 2 - PASSED

Campaign to ensure student sex workers have access to social, legal and financial support, including access to sexual health support and guidance.


Amendment 3 - PASSED

Creating environments which allow sex workers to share lived experiences and participate in open dialogue without the fear of judgment with the aim of tackling stigma and discrimination.


Amendment 4 - PASSED

Campaign for improving the access to sexual healthcare and resources, and ensuring student sex workers are directed to appropriate support networks.