Developing Ideas Podcast

This podcast explores fresh perspectives in the student movement. Listen to a range of guests discuss ideas ranging from participatory budgeting to sustainability and so much more!

Episode 12 - WFH with Mateen Duresmain

In this episode, Mateen Duresmain discusses their experiences with studying during the pandemic and working from home.

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Episode 11 - Rosemary Fricke on being a student during a pandemic

In this episode, recent graduate Rosemary, aka Rose, shares her experience of struggling to adapt to online learning, her "graduation", and the impacts of staying at home on her wellbeing. 

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Episode 10 - Poverty Mixdown

This episode was recorded by the Think Positive team and features NUS Scotland President, Matt Crilly disucssing the impacts of poverty on students' mental health.

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Episode 9 - The Future of Democracy

Why is it important right now to think about the future of democracy? What tools do we have at our disposal to do this? To answer these questions we are joined by Paul Jürgensen from Das Progressive Zentrum.  

Das Progressive Zentrum is a Berlin based think-tank. You can find more about their Innocracy festival by following the link here and for further reading – here’s a link to their research on ‘bringing the future back to democracy’.

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Epidode 8 - Decolonising Education: Past and Present

A special edition episode from the Decolonise Education campaign!

In this episode, Sara Khan, NUS Vice President Liberation and Equality, launches our mini-series into decolonisation. She is joined by Sara Bafo, Welfare and Liberation Officer from Goldsmiths Students' Union. They explore what we mean by decolonisation - What's the history? Where are we now?

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Episode 7 - Disability Activism

In this episode, we're joined by queer and disability activist Carson Tueller, talking about disruption, hopeful activism, internalised oppression and what it was like to work on a presidential campaign. A jam-packed podcast that sheds light on how we can tackle ableism and the vital role that we all have in challenging oppression.

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Episode 6

In this episode, we are joined by Todd Davies, Stanford’s Associate Director and lecturer in the symbolic systems programme. Todd Davies is a leading thinker and writer on the subject of deliberative design. We talk with him about his research into areas such as equality of participation and designing spaces for action. 


Episode 5

In this episode of Developing Ideas, Liam McCabe, President of NUS Scotland and Ann Letham, President of Borders College Student Association discuss the impact Covid-19 has had for the College sector. 
 *This was recorded on the 10th of June, prior to the announcement by the Scottish Government of summer support payments for students. 


Episode 4

This episode of Developing Ideas was recorded live at The Gathering 2019, where we held a panel discussion on "The Students' Association of the Future". Panelists included: Maggie Chapman, Rector of Aberdeen University; Gail Edwards, CEO of Heriot-Watt University Students' Union; and Prof. Deborah Richardson-Webb, Head of Performance Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 

Episode 3

This episode of Developing Ideas is all about campaigning, with a particular slant towards sustainability. It looks at the role of collective action in campaigning from different view points. With discussions and input from three special guests, Bettina from Plastic Free Hackney as well as Tara and Paula from People and Planet Edinburgh.


Episode 2

This episode of Developing Ideas is all about participatory budgeting, a democratic process where members of a community decide together how to spend public budgets. We look at how this idea can be applied in a student context, speaking to the Participatory Budgeting Partners, and to Fife College students' association who have given it a try. 



Episode 1

The first episode is all about democracy. We ask the questions ‘can we overdo democracy?’ and ‘what’s next for the role of democracy in SAs?'. We are also joined by SRUCSA campus officer, Katie Dubarry, to look at the relationship between access and democracy. Tweet us your thoughts @NUSScotland #DevelopingIdeas