Email Your MSPs: Half Price Travel for All Students

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42% of students in Scotland use public transport to get to their place of study, but for many, the cost of fares are debilitating. 

Although the Young Scot National Entitlement Card provides free bus travel for under 22s, it is estimated that 55% of students, approximately 311,000, are aged 22 or over, and therefore are ineligible for free bus travel. 

NUS Scotland’s Cost of Survival survey found that 21% of students have missed class and a further 7% have missed placement because of the cost of public transport, and a NUS UK’s Move It survey found that the cost of travel has impacted 32% of students’ ability to eat a meal. 

As always, it’s the students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are being hit the hardest, missing out on vital teaching time, harming their grades and limiting their opportunities.  

Email your MSPs to ask them to support our campaign for half price bus and rail fares for all students and apprentices so no student has to choose between eating and attending class ever again.