The cost of learning

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Students deserve better than the way they have been treated throughout the pandemic.


Decisions have been made on behalf of students, instead of involving them in the decision-making that affects their lives and their futures. And in many instances, they feel like they have been lied to about how their teaching was going to be delivered. 


Now is the time for students to be listened to and given the support they need and deserve – they deserve MUCH better. 


The cost of living and the cost of learning


For too long students have had to get by on cost of living support that doesn’t keep up with the cost of learning. Scottish students need to work alongside their studies just to make ends meet. Meanwhile apprentices are expected to get by on poverty wages. 


The economic disruption caused by Covid-19 is pushing learners in Scotland into crisis. Many students have lost zero-hours and part-time jobs – both permanently and during temporary lockdowns. Many students traditionally work in the hospitality sector, which has been hit hardest by the pandemic.


Other students have been reliant on support from family members who are struggling to help them out because of their own Covid-related financial struggles. And others fall into gaps that exist within the student support system.


What we’re doing about it


Since the outbreak, student representatives across the country have being making the case for emergency support for students, and it has paid off. The Scottish Government answered our call for:

•    emergency hardship funds
•    summer support
•    and funding for digital learning tools

While action taken by the Scottish Government to date is welcome, more support is needed as the pandemic continues. But most importantly - we need a longer-term plan.

This is what we’ll be working towards across 2020/21 and you can help us to achieve our aim.  

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