A Student Guarantee

58 out of 1000 signatures

The Scottish Parliament elections are on 6 May. NUS Scotland is calling on all political parties to support A Student Guarantee for Scotland.


The #StudentGuarantee secures the rights of students and proposes a plan to rebuild a fairer education system. Help us ensure that the next Scottish Parliament listens to students and puts their education at the heart of our Covid-19 recovery. 


Discover more:

Button saying: A Student Guarantee  Button saying: Supporter Guide  Ask the candidates to sign our pledge.


Here's what you can do: 

  1. Sign up on this page as a campaign supporter to be kept up-to-date with updates, events and actions!
  2. Email the candidates and ask them to support A Student Guarantee.
  3. Use our supporters guide to hightlight the issues that are important to you.
  4. Make a plan - be a voter - all you need to know. 


Find out where the parties stand on student issues:

  • We've done a manifesto comparison! See where the parties do and don't align to our policies and our vision for a Scotland that secures students' rights!
  • Thanks to your emailing - lots of candidates from every major party have signed our pledge. See the candidates who have signed!
  • We also hosted The Big Student Election Debate! You can watch how the parties anwered your questions below!








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